How to sample and buy books online for beginners

How to buy and sample books online without getting ripped off

Okay, so you enjoy a good book, and you’re new to all this eBook/Kindle malarkey. Sampling and buying books can be a minefield for the novice, so here’s a guide to get you started.

1. Whether you want real books, or you want to get to grips with eBooks, the first thing you need to do is make an account with Amazon in your country of residence. (Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon ES, etc.) Don’t worry, you won’t be obliged to make any purchases unless you really want to.

2. Peruse the genres, or search for anything you like. Amazon now has a new feature whereby clicking on the cover of the book brings up a preview so you can read a sample and inspect the interior. You can read the reviews, and if you decide to get a copy, you can choose paperback or Kindle. (You can read Kindle books on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, as well as on an official Kindle device. Here’s a great guide to managing your Kindle books on Amazon)

3. If you can see yourself enjoying ebooks then it’s a good idea to join They offer many different types of eBook as well as Kindle, like PDF (Acrobat) and even TXT files. The samples are substantial and many books are completely free!

4. Finally, is a really nice community for readers to find the best deals, and you can read or write reviews and ratings.

5. So, if you’re signed up at all these places you can now consider yourself a modern book aficionado. Don’t forget to brag to your friends and relatives about your newfound digital savvy, and above all, enjoy your reading experience.